Permanent chastity

permanent chastity

See Tweets about #permanentchastity on Twitter. See what people are saying and join the conversation. Let's face it, locking him up forever is one damn erotic sexual fantasy. for both him and her. But for most couples, permanent male chastity remains just that. Rubber will be your permanent skin, and you will permanently remain your cock and your bladder, I want you to see the steel chastity pod in which your cock.

Permanent chastity - Erotik Bra

I'd been hoping she wouldn't attach the tube permanently but knowing she had gave me a thrill. We hadn't had sex since I told her my fantasy and I was hoping she'd be in the mood. It's kind of funny but I stay aroused for a while after I cum even though I shrink very small. We have been playing with chastity for around 3 years, wearing it for a while, taking it off for the weekend and stuff like that but on New Years Eve my cock was locked up and yesterday we agreed that we would try it permanently. April 30, at

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